1. To place a bet, click "PLACE" on the top bar.
  2. Insert the amount you want to bet in satoshis (between 300 and 3000 sats).
  3. For your first bet you need to register as: username@bolt12, where the bolt12 is your lightning node's reusable bolt12 offer for any amount.

    For your next bets, use your username (consisting of letters and numbers without spaces).

    For Core Lightning (v23.02 or later, with "experimental-offers" in config) create your reusable bolt12 offer for any amount via:

    lightning-cli offer any <description>

    (tip: use your username for <description>)

    Unfortunately, LND hasn't implemented bolt12 yet.

    Phoenix wallet is working on bolt12 as we speak!.

  4. There's the option to provide an alias. If left blank, the alias will be your username.

    An alias may consist of letters, numbers and spaces (max 50 characters).
  5. If you think the bitcoin price will be higher X hours from now, choose "HIGHER XH", otherwise "LOWER XH".

    For the choice "HIGHER" the color of the opening price will be green, for "LOWER" red.
  6. An invoice is now generated which needs to be paid over the Lightning Network to initiate the bet. This includes a 0.2% trading fee.
  7. Your bet is now visible on the home page. A countdown begins and every 5 minutes all values are automatically updated. The screen refreshes every 2 minutes. The expected profit is shown in green in satoshi.
  8. If your prediction turns out to be correct (profit in green), within 5 minutes, an automatic payment will be made double the amount traded. The result of our payments can be seen in the "PAYMENTS" page.
  9. After 48 hours your closed trade will disappear from the screen.

  1. Make sure there's enough inbound liquidity in your channels to receive payments via our lightning node "bitcoinserver.nl" (see channels).
  2. If you forget your username, it's always possible to reregister under a different username with the same or different bolt12 offer.
  3. It will be checked whether your bolt12 works when you register (returns a valid invoice for 10 sats on request).
  4. The bitcoin price in US dollar is taken from Bitstamp and if unreachable Coinbase. If both exchanges are unreachable, the price won't change and after a while placing new bets will be halted until the exchanges function normally again.
  5. In the unlikely case that the opening and closing price are equal to the dollar, the website receives the reward.
  6. On Android or iOS in Chrome, Samsung Internet or Safari add a shortcut to the website on your homescreen and the website will look exactly like an App: screen shot. So now we got an App look-and-feel without asking anyone for permission!
  7. Only one open bet per bolt12 at a time.
  8. It's possible to choose your own alias color by putting a (hexadecimal) color code after your username like this: username#fa8812 (or after your bolt12 when you register: username@bolt12#fa8812).
    For username# your alias gets the default dark gray color (#444444). If you like a particular alias color you can hover over it, see the color code and use that when placing a bet.
  9. Internally a username is case insensitive (username ClownWorld = username clownworld), so a user can register only one (but use both forms).
  10. Hover over the closing price to see the change in price.
  11. Contact: millibitcoins@gmail.com